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We are a group of professionals focused on delivering high quality solutions and designs made specially for you just the way you want them. As a team, we are also engaged in generating ideas and refining them in order to design and create our very own original products.

Liquid Code
  • Quality

    Our aim is to deliver high quality solutions that will satisfy not only you, but us as well — we want to be proud of what we create. We will help you innovate and polish your idea so that the end result will exceed your expectations. Is your product just a vague thought right now? Let’s give it life.

  • Creativity

    Unique — that is the word that you will hear from your customers once we transform your idea into a product. From our point of view, each solution and design we create should have an anchor that will differentiate it from every other thing on the market. We use innovative technologies and minimalistic yet powerful designs so that your products stand out from the crowd.

  • Diligence

    If you think you have already met the most hard-working people in your entire life, you are wrong. There is no other team as ambitious and driven as we are. We will not stop until we reach our goal — which is delivering the best product you could ever imagine. We care for your needs and are bound to meet your expectations, no matter what.

Our business profile

Design Product Software House

Mobile App Development and Web Development

Mobile App Development (iOS and Android in Xamarin), Web Development (.NET Core, MVC)

Process analysis business

Business process analysis

Creative design UX / UI

Creative design (UX / UI Design, visual identity)


Training in various areas related to software development

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